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Free benefits

Sign your company up to be a part of the NFG #2 Federal Credit Union's (FCU) field of membership. You and your co-workers will become part of a true support system - a system that has your back! We go the extra mile to make managing finances easier. NFG #2 FCU has the services that will guide you to financial stability, and the compassion to look at the person behind the credit score.

Plugged in

We'll keep you up to date on the latest at NFG #2 FCU. You will receive a seasonal newsletter, flyers to post on your employee boards, and a benefit pack to hand-out to new hires.

Free stuff

Every year NFG #2 FCU hosts a Membership Breakfast. Join us for free food and prizes! You can also take advantage of limited time promotions, including free TVs, tickets, and more!

Your voice

Let your voice be heard! Any member of NFG #2 FCU is eligible to sit on our Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee. By volunteering your time, you will become part of the decision making process at NFG #2 FCU.